Hybrid Cars

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 6 (2810 words) Published: August 24, 2010
This report explains how advantageous a hybrid car is and why conventional car should be replaced by hybrid car. Hybrid car is getting more popular and marketable because of its advantages. In essence, the report touches on the benefits of owning a hybrid car and some possible effects. The problems that arisen are environmental problems which catch the whole world’s attention, the prices and fuel are hiking up and the fuels are limited in supply. Therefore, hybrid cars are here to help people to overcome the problems. They are definitely the best solution to replace conventional cars because they are more advantageous than conventional cars. Hybrid cars have the ability to save fuel which ultimately reduces the dependence on foreign fuel. They are environmental friendly because they emit lesser toxic gas and that helps in overcoming the serious environmental problems like climate change and global warming. Tax incentives which are offered by government only confined to hybrid car owners instead of conventional car owners to encourage and boost up the sales of hybrid cars.

1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, people out there are worried with the conventional cars that they using daily which only make use of one source of energy, fuel. This is simply because the price of fuel is hiking up and using conventional cars causes serious environmental damage to our planet. Lim (2006) claims that society should face the fact that supply of fuel is limited and the price of it will be rising in fast pace. Therefore, people are seeking for other alternative ways of travelling to replace conventional cars. Some of them took opportunity and make use of public transports. If the distance is short, some may even walk to their destinations with the intention of cutting transportation costs. However, these are not the best solution after all. Therefore, the hybrid technology came in and hybrid cars have became another alternative means of travelling. A hybrid car is a vehicle that uses and depends on two or more different sources of energy to operate it. One type of the hybrid cars is hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) which combine an internal combustion engine and electric motor powered by a large battery pack (Hybridcenter.org, n.d ). Hybrid cars have long been existed and they are not new technology, but they were not on sale. With the advancement of technology in today’s world, hybrid cars are now available. In United States of America, Honda Insight was the first model of hybrid electric car which was launched in 1999 ( Walczak, n.d). Meanwhile, Toyota Prius reached United States in the following year, 2000. Even though hybrid cars are available for purchase and the evidence is strong enough to suggest that hybrid car is much advanced than a conventional car and it is beneficial to our environment, today, the question on everybody’s mind is, are hybrid cars the best solution to replace conventional cars? However, if we take an inside look of hybrid cars, we will see that hybrid cars are certainly the best solution to replace conventional cars because they save fuel, environmental friendly and they are more economical. This report will show convincing evidence and facts of why conventional cars should be replaced by hybrid cars. The research findings are confined to the whole world because the whole world is concerning about the environment problems and also the fuel prices.

2.0 Body of Report
2.1 Hybrid Cars save Fuel
With the growing concerns about high fuel prices, the popularity of hybrid cars has grown exponentially. As time goes by, more and more people are beginning to be acquainted with hybrid cars and started to switch from using conventional cars to hybrid cars. The reason why they will go for hybrid cars instead of the normal conventional cars is that hybrid cars consume less fuel, which in turn lends a hand in helping consumers to save money and also reduce dependence on foreign oil. Drivers are infuriated due to the...
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