Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars
Hybrids have made a huge impact on modern life. They help preserve the environment and reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline. Gasoline is nonrenewable and not a very dependant source in the long run. There are two types of hybrid cars available to the consumer. Series hybrids and Parallel hybrids. These two are different but basically do the same thing. They only differ in the motors and how they run. The Series hybrid uses the method of having two power sources; however, only one is connected directly to the transmission of the car. The Series hybrid receives driving power from the electric motor. The gas engine is used as a generator to charge the battery pack. This helps the car have less dependency on oil. Reserving the gas helps when taking a long trip to produce extra power for the engine. The Parallel hybrid has a gas motor and an electric motor. These motors are both attached to a single transmission. This gives the hybrid the special ability to be able to switch between running off of the gas engine or the electric engine. The electric engine can also be the primary engine, using the gas motor to give it some extra power. This increases the speed dramatically. These hybrids are typically better that the Series hybrids when it comes to traveling at high speeds. There are many Pros for having a hybrid. For example, a person can save up to $850 a year using a hybrid. Many hybrids get fifty or more miles to the gallon. They are also better for the environment. They reduce the amount of carbon related pollution in the air. However, there are some Cons to buying a hybrid. Hybrids are significantly more expensive than a typical car. They cost about the same as a fancy sports car or an elegant luxury car. If given a choice, most people would choose the sports car or the luxury car over the hybrid. Hybrids don’t have a very good looking design. Perhaps if they were better designed people would buy more of them. Another Con is the fact that...
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