Hybrid Car Technology

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Hybrid Car Technology: One Way to Reduce the Air Pollution

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Hybrid Car Technology: One Way to Reduce the Air Pollution













There are millions of cars on the road of Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur, main city of Malaysia. Each one is a source of air pollution in this country. The amount of pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide that all cars produce together can create a big problem to the air of Malaysia. For instance, air pollution can cause very serious disease to Malaysian, such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease. To solve those problems, cities, states, federal government, as well as leaders should find the best way to reduce the air pollution for the sake of this beloved country. In the perspective of leader, the best way to preserve the environment especially the air is to introduce the latest technology that have been invented by the automaker named hybrid technology. Hybrid technology is the most term commonly refers to hybrid electric vehicle and for addition the most common form of hybrid electric vehicle is the hybrid electric car. The difference of the hybrid electric car with the conventional car is the type of engine use to move the car on the roads. Therefore, the hybrid car technology is one of the ways to reduce the air pollution.


Hybrid Car Technology: One Way to Reduce the Air Pollution

Malaysia was a very lucky country since the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak just announced on 2011 Budget Speech that, the exception from import duty and excise duty by 50 % will be given to franchise holders of hybrid cars. This is very good way to encourage the Malaysian to use the hybrid car in the way to reduce the air pollution. For information the hybrid cars consist of very special engines that can create the new way to reduce the air pollution. The hybrid...
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