Hvs - Hotel Room Supply, Capital Investment and Manpower Requirement by 2021

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Hotel Room Supply, Capital Investment and Manpower Requirement by 2021 INDIA

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March 2012

March 2012 Dear Industry Colleagues,
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We are pleased to present an HVS White Paper titled "Hotel Room Supply, Capital Investment and Manpower Requirement by 2021". This research article is intended to provide answers to perhaps the most frequently-asked questions in the past 15 years that HVS New Delhi has been operational. Around mid-last-year, during one of my trips to the Tourism Ministry, I was once again asked if HVS could carry out some research to scientifically quantify the number of hotel rooms required in the coming years; and also determine the potential employment generation that was likely to result from the addition of these rooms. We have put together all our available resources and databases of historical data to estimate these numbers and have further estimated the total capital requirement for this growing sector till 2021. We are grateful to the WTTC – India Initiative for their wholehearted support of this effort and for providing us important data points that allowed us to study historical tourism numbers and make projections till 2021. We are also thankful to FHRAI for the data it had available that we were able to use, as also to 4-5 senior and distinguished hoteliers who took the trouble of reading through our draft reports and providing feedback. HVS has always advocated a forward-thinking, cutting edge approach to hospitality. We believe that issues raised in this HVS White Paper are fundamental to the future of the Indian hotel industry in terms of planning. While in recent months the government, and particularly the Tourism Ministry, has made great strides, there is much ground that still needs to be covered. We hope this report services as one of the tools for implementation. We will like to state that we have carried out our projections based on a certain set of assumptions and that with a possible change of assumptions, our projections may be different. However, we have used our best judgment and relied upon our experience of the Indian hotel industry gained over last 15 years. We hope the Indian hospitality community will be able to utilize this publication to work with the government to find areas where holes need to be plugged and bridges needed to strengthen.

Manav Thadani, MRICS Chairman HVS South Asia

Megha Tuli Senior Associate HVS New Delhi

In a country like India, for the poor, livelihood choices – in employment and entrepreneurship – are constrained by a wide range of interdependent obstacles, ranging from geographic segregation to market failures. This advocates that when we deliberate about poverty alleviation, we should think broadly about creating economic opportunity. Tourism has a wide array of dynamic effects. The growth of Tourism can influence the livelihood strategies of local households, the business climate for small & medium enterprise expansion, the blueprint of growth for the local or national economy, and the infrastructure or natural resource base of the destination. Tourism is an intensely competitive, focused, rapidly evolving business sector. The qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the supply of accommodation have a direct bearing on the overall success and development of tourism. Therefore, in order to ensure that the...
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