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04.05 Feudalism in Europe Assignment Option B: Day in the Life of a Vassal Describe how it feels to be a lord of a vassal
The nobility were considered to be superior to other classes by birth, so a lord would have a feeling of superiority over others. As regards attitudes to their own class, each lord considered themselves the equal of every other lord as an individual,regardless of wealth, amount of land owned and where they ranked according their title amongst the nobility as a whole.

Describe how it feels to protect the lord.
Vassals didn't "protect" a lord, they served him; they owed fealty for their lands (if they had any) and service to the lord under the feudal system.This included military service for a certain number of days each year, and work in the lord's fields and on his lands for a certain portion of each year.

Explain what you saw when you left the land and traveled into the city. This depends which part of the Medieval era you visited - the period stretched from 476- 1492.During the High Middle Ages in the 14th century many of the great European cathedrals were either enhanced or constructed, so you could talk about how much bigger the buildings are, how busier and more crowded and populous the cities are than the countryside.

Describe what it is like to be a vassal and be someone's lord. You don't have a "relationship" with your serfs; they are little better than slaves, and you are their master. They are your vassals, and you as lord are responsible for dispensing local justice and making decisions about how your estates are run. These tasks were generally delegated to a vassal called a Reeve, so a lord would have very little direct day to day contact with his serfs.  
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