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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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The Person I would like to describe in this assignment is my Husband “Joel Limon”. As we are very alike it’s as if I were describing myself in many ways character wise. We laugh at the same time and the smallest and funniest things, we even say or think the same word when laughing or if we see something we know we’d laugh at. Almost every morning before he leaves to work while the kids are getting ready I ask him if he put on deodorant. I like everyone and our house to smell good. So he’ll then laugh or say he already smells like sunshine lol. I can tell what his activities are just by what he wears, if he puts his tennis shoes on and shorts he’s going to the gym, if he puts his tennis shoes and shades on he’s doing yard work, if he puts jeans and boots on he’s going to the store. He’s a hard worker and a good father, when I see him rolling his neck I know he’s stressed so I give him a neck massage. He’s 5’9, tanned complected, brown eye’s ( green contacts) tribal tattoo on his right arm, small mole above his lip, short haircut, clean shaven, wears a cross ring on his right ring finger and his wedding band on his left ring finger with a G-shock watch on his left wrist. He’s either funny or serious and by the expression on his face I can tell which mode he’s in. This concludes the description on my Husband for this Research assignment.
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