Hurricanes: Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Camille Hurricane

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Hurricane Katrina, Wind Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are all extremely strong tropical storms. Tropical storms are storms that originate in tropics and have wind speeds 36-73 mph. Once it reaches tropical storm status, the storm is given a name, and tracked by radar. The storm continues to grow and gain energy. Most tropical storms reach hurricane status in the western parts of the oceans. Their earliest origins often lie far to the east called tropical disturbances. Tropical disturbances are clusters of small thunderstorms. They are disorganized groups of thunderstorms having weak pressure gradients and little or no rotation. They form in several different environments. Most that enter the western Atlantic and become hurricanes originate in easterly waves. Easterly waves are large undulations or ripples in the normal trade wind pattern. When tropical disturbances continue to gain energy they become a tropical depression. Tropical depression is a zone of low pressure with wind speeds of less than 34 mph indicated by a closed isobar, these develop into tropical storms. Tropical disturbances originate from trade wind inversions aka temperature inversions. These are a layer of air that increases in temperature as it increases in altitude. They are quite common in the tropics and subtropics. They are caused by high pressure systems that promotes vertical cloud development. The layer of cool moist air is underneath trade wind inversion. They have different names according to their location. Typhoons occur over the extreme western Pacific. Hurricanes occur over the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. Cyclones occur over the Indian ocean and Australia. In relation to their structure all three storms are the same. However, typhoons tend to be larger and stronger. These storms are intense tropical, low pressure systems which have sustained winds 74 mph or more. Hurricanes are classified by: -counter clockwise and inward movement

-development off coast of Africa that United...
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