Hurricane Versus Tornado

Topics: Tornado, Thunderstorm, Tropical cyclone Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Hurricanes versus Tornadoes

Hurricanes and tornadoes are considered to be natural storms that develop do to the atmosphere change, however, each type of storm is a disaster and devastation claiming many lives among family and friends each year. One storm comes from in the water, the second type is from the air. Aside from where they come from, each type of storm is devastation to several individuals from enormous amounts of damage each can cause to someone’s lifestyle or homestead. Knowing the differences and similarities of both need to be understood better among everyone. Determining factors whether a severe storm is either a hurricane or tornado include their types of formulation, types of severe weather they create, and types of damage.

A difference among a hurricane or tornado would be where and how their formulation develops. Hurricanes are one severe storm that forms over water. Meaning, hurricanes are formed off seas. In order for a hurricane to form, the temperature of the water must be warm in order for a storm to formulate. Whereas, a tornado is another severe storm that the formulation is completely different. Tornadoes are formulated over land. Tornadoes develope, by connection of high and low pressure systems. Therefore, with saying high and low pressure connecting, for example would be, warm air coming from the West and the cold air coming from the East would be connecting. Thus, hurricanes and tornadoes have different ways for formulating.

With knowing all too well, hurricanes and tornadoes can create severe weather to occur from either one. Hurricanes and tornadoes have some similarities regarding types of weather they create. Both are violent storms, which create strong, heavy, damaging winds. Both create intense low pressure. Both storms rotate counter clock wise in the northern hemisphere. Both storms also rotate clock wise in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, both hurricanes and tornadoes also have differences...
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