Hurricane Sandy and Its Effects

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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ESL 092
Hurricane Sandy And Its Effects Those days when Hurricane Sandy came by for the area of NJ were the worst stressful days in my life. I did not pay much attention at first when a saw in the news last year that a Hurricane was going to pass the area of NY and NJ. Then after I heard the news on the radio, I started to notice that Hurricane Sandy was not a simple hurricane. As a result, I started to pay more attention to the news, and I put interest in what would I do in case of an emergency. First, I went to the store in order to find basic needs such as candles, lamps, and cans of food, but there were none of these products left. I was impressed seeing how many people there were as if they were desperate trying to buy their needs. Fortunately, later on I found a store with the things I was looking for. Second, I can say that by the time Hurricane Sandy came, I had prepared. However, those days for me were very stressful. Even the night when my house was hit by Hurricane Sandy, every one of us in my house stayed calm before Sandy passed. Third, after Sandy passed we lost the power. We didn’t have heater, nor did we have gas. I have been very depressed right before the energy came back because of all the bad situations experienced. We couldn’t get contact with my sister in Ecuador during those days. Cell phone use was limited because we didn’t have where to charge cell phones. All in all, I don’t want to imagine again in the future with another hurricane, and see all those downed lines everywhere, fallen trees on the streets. It was a total chaos after Sandy passed all over the areas of NJ and NY as well as others states were really affected. I hope not to experience another Hurricane one more time.
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