Hurricane Sandy

Topics: New Jersey, New York City, Monmouth County, New Jersey Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Alicia Ondele
Prof. Hank Stewart
English composition 1

The effects of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has affected many lives and businesses. On October 29th 2012 the lives, homes and businesses of many people were shattered and wiped out by Hurricane Sandy, The Places I feel were mostly affect were New York City and New Jersey, specifically the Jersey Shore. Many people did not realize how much affect this hurricane would have on people. In some parts they thought it was just going to be wind and a little rain, which was not at all what it was. The Jersey Shore was a place of happiness for some people, a place where families took summer vacations every year. Many people at the shore thought hurricane sandy was just going to be some rain and a little bit of wind, so some didn’t take the right precautions to save some of their belongings, personally I have never been to the shore, never experienced the joy of being on the boardwalk and enjoying the rides and the fun, but just seeing the rollercoasters in the ocean, and the boardwalk ruined was really scary and heartbreaking. I imagined my hometown being wiped out but the hurricane and definitely tried to understand their pain and I couldn’t. Knowing that one day someone could have everything and the comfort of their home and the next day have nothing but the clothes on their back is terrifying. New York City was also greatly affected by hurricane sandy. NYC is a very popular place, it is very crowded and a lot of people overseas look forward to visiting New York. My aunt lives in Brooklyn and she mentioned that a lot of people’s apartments that were on the top floors were damaged by cranes. The rebuilding of the twins towers was set back a little because some of their cranes crashed into the buildings. A lot of places and people were greatly affected by this hurricane and the damages were definitely undermined. Lastly, the effect of hurricane sandy had on people was unexpected. It’s...
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