Hurricane Sandy

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Select a major weather event of the past 5 years. Describe the atmospheric conditions that created it. What improvements were made to weather prediction due to this event? What economic impact did this event have? In 2012 Hurricane Sandy began as a low pressure system which developed sufficient organized convection to be classified as a tropical depression. In the immediate term, three factors have come together to make Hurricane Sandy what it is: A huge storm with winds gusting up to 90 mph (145 kph) set to make landfall somewhere on the East Coast Monday night. First, hurricane season is still on, meaning the tropics are still actively generating storms. Hurricane Sandy came ashore in northern New Jersey Oct 29, 2012. And as the powerful storm made its way along the East Coast it brought damage to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, VA. The Wallops Shoreline Protection project has been managing the restoration efforts. At 8 a.m EDT on Oct 29, 2012, the National Hurricane Center reported tropical-storm-force winds were occurring along the coasts of southern New Jersey, Delaware and eastern Virginia. Tropical-storm-force winds extended as far inland as the central and southern Chesapeake Bay as Hurricane Sandy closed in for landfall. Hurricane Sandy removed about 700 feet of protective berm and about 20 percent of the beach protecting Wallops Island, home to NASA Wallops launch pad and launch support facilities. The beach, which had been recently improved under the Wallops Island Shoreline Protection Project, is vital to protecting the more than $1 billion in NASA and governmental assets on Wallops Island from hazards such as hurricanes and nor’easters. In addition to beach erosion, Hurricane Sandy caused minor roof, door and siding damage and downed trees throughout the facility. Hurricane Sandy was truly astounding in its size and power. At its peak size, twenty hours before landfall, Sandy had tropical storm-force winds that covered an...
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