Hurricane Preparedness

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Wind, Pacific Ocean Pages: 4 (807 words) Published: October 15, 2012
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Introduction A hurricane is a tropical revolving storm. It is a very large circular area of low pressure, driven by evaporation from warm seas. In areas away from the Equator, air is drawn into the hurricane to replace the rising air. Owing to the Earth rotation, wind in a hurricane spiral inwards in an anti-clock wise direction. Wind speeds can reach 300km/ hour, although there is an area at the centre of the hurricane ,the Eye where conditions are calm. After a hurricane goes through its stages and matures, it still can intensify to certain sizes and strengths. This all depends on the right environmental factors and whether or not it is near land. The Saffir Simpson Scale is a way to indicate the strength of these storms by their sustained wind speed, and central barometric pressure. Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean occur between June and November. In the Eastern Pacific and Western Pacific north of the Equator they occur between July and October. South of the Equator, off Australia and in the Indian Ocean, they occur between November and March. The point of this SBA is to show how many people living in Punta Gorda is prepared for a hurricane. It is important to prepare for a hurricane because its movement is generally hard to predict although it normally move westward and northward in the Caribbean, also these phenomena can cause major destructions and deaths.

The purpose of the survey’s is to see if the people of Punta Gorda Town is prepared for a hurricane. The data will be obtain by giving out survey’s and taking photographs, with the gathered information I will know whether or not the citizens of Punta Gorda Town is prepared for a...
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