Hurricane Katrina Was a Man-Made and Natural Disaster

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Hurricane Katrina was a man-made and natural disaster. The hurricane, of course, was a natural disaster. The after effects like the levees breaching, people starving and dieing in the streets, how the government handle the situation were all man made.

The reason being a man made were , The man-made part of the disaster is that the government knew the levees wouldn't hold up in a Category 3 hurricane, and they didn't shore them up anyway. What was also man-made was the fact that the government told people to go to the Superdome, and when they did, they were stranded and many died a painful death.

The reason being a natural disaster, New Orleans is below sea level, there wasn't much anyone could do to prevent it. A lot of people say that President Bush was lazy and uncaring about the problem and refused to help. However, the truth is he couldn't. In the case of a natural disaster, it's up to the Governor of said area to either fix the problem or call in for help. The Governor in charge of that 5 years ago failed to respond, putting our former president in a tough situation. Eventually the government stepped in when it was clear there was no other choice, but saying Katrina was Bush's fault is like saying the oil spill is Obama's. It was a terrible natural disaster that happened 5 years ago, I say we put the past in the past.
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