Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans

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Hurricane Katrina-New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina significantly affected a vast number of people, including those who were not actually present during the storm: National Guard members, medical workers, media crew, government officials, and volunteers. This is a storm that will forever be discussed in New Orleans history.

First, some background. Formation of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean occurs every year during a certain time period, usually referred to as the Atlantic hurricane season. The cyclones that occur during this period are usually tropical and are often referred to as depressions and hurricanes. This time period usually starts in June and ends in November. According to the seasons, the starting of the hurricanes and cyclones usually takes place in the end of summer, because this is the time period when there is the largest difference between the temperature of the sea and the land (Reider, 1999). Hurricanes basically originate due to the temperature difference between the land and the sea. The peak time of these tropical cyclones is during the September season. The month of May is usually inactive with regard to the tropical cyclones because the temperature difference is the least (Reider, 1999). The cyclones that form in the Atlantic Ocean in the end of the summer season are referred to as tropical cyclones because they usually originate from tropical locations. One more fact that makes them different from normal cyclones is that their cores, or center of the large spiral, is warmer as compared to any other part of the spiral at any point of height. The spiral of the cyclone comprises of thunderstorm clouds that are ready to burst out, and hence when they move, they produce high, strong winds and heavy rain falls. A special characteristic of tropical cyclones is that they have extremely low atmospheric pressures. Some of the pressures of tropical cyclones are the least that have been recorded above the seas. Several factors have been found out as the reason for the origination of tropical cyclones but still not all the responsible factors have been discovered, so tropical cyclones are a common topic of research and study (Reider, 1999).

The year 2005 was a devastating year with respect to the hurricanes and tropical cyclones that they brought with themselves (Nelson, 2006) . Each year around 10 tropical cyclones originate and around half of them turn into hurricanes, yet another half of that number fall into the severe category. The Atlantic hurricane season of the year 2005 was an extremely active season in which almost 27 tropical cyclones originated and around 17 of them turned into hurricanes. There were 7 hurricanes that fell into the severe category, that is of category 3 or above. Among these severe hurricanes one was named Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest of hurricanes as compared to other hurricanes. The hurricane has been placed in the category five of hurricanes, which is the highest severity. Hurricane Katrina was 30 ft. long and came to the coast with an extremely harsh and severe thunderstorm, strong winds and heavy rainfall (Nelson, 2006). The hurricane brought a huge amount of damage and almost wiped out every infrastructure in areas on New Orleans, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Never in history had such a deadly and devastating hurricane struck the United States of America, so no one was prepared. Therefore, they had failed to make the required necessary preparations in order to combat with this deadly storm. Never had it happened that the tropical cyclones break the record of severity of the typhoon season, but in the year 2005 the tropical cyclone season was so active that it, in fact did break the record of the typhoon season of the year (Nelson, 2006).

Hurricane Katrina is considered one among the six deadliest hurricanes that have hit the United States of America. It is also considered as one of the priciest of disasters as it brought a loss...
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