Hurricane Katrina

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  • Published : November 29, 2005
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Hurricane Katrina has hit many parts of the southeast region of the U.S. It is one of the most disastrous forces that we have seen in years. Many parts of Louisiana and Mississippi have been hit the hardest and the remains of the states are very little. Almost everything that has not been destroyed is under water. One of the big problems that the young residents of these areas are now facing is where to go to school. Grammar schools, high schools, and colleges have been destroyed, leaving thousands of children without education.

In Louisiana, there are over 247,000 students that are being displaced because their schools have either destroyed or shut down. In Mississippi, there are over 125,000 that have been forced to attend school elsewhere. Also, in Louisiana alone, 15 campuses have been closed and about 73,000 college students are being enrolled into different colleges.

The students who have suffered from this loss of their education are very lucky to have so much support. Thousands of schools are taking in students and doing whatever they can to make them feel comfortable. Places such as Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles are just a few of the places that are now accepting displaced students. In overall, there are over 25 states that have taken in displaced students. People all over the country are helping by accepting and taking in these students that have been devastated by the hurricane.

One other problem that students and schools are facing now is money problems. The budgets of schools are going up and they are having trouble accepting all the students displaced by the hurricane. With all that is needed to be paid for, classroom space, textbooks, new teachers for the students, the schools don't know where to get the money from. Even before the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Texas was having financial problems because of the increasing school system. In 2003, there were many complaints in Texas that schools were not receiving enough money....
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