Hurricane Katrina

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Natural and legal rights, Civil and political rights Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: January 24, 2013
iHurricane Katrina and Natural Rights Philosophy
After hurricane Katrina, New Orleans experienced many situations to what John Locke described as State of Nature. State of Nature is where everyone is equal and has no higher rule like government, which leads to one being very self-interested. One example of this in New Orleans is the chaos being shown by not having a stable government. Without having police or help available due to all the water and no electricity, there were many people looting stores. This was either to survive by stealing water and food but others were doing it with themselves in mind by stealing electronics which are not necessary to their survival. Yet, the natural rights philosophy, which is all about civic virtue and the common good, instead of one individual, is shown in New Orleans also. Right after the hurricane hit, there were neighbors riding around in their boats looking for stranded people in their homes who are looking for a safe place with food and water. The government showed their generosity by filling up the Superdome with the homeless people who had nowhere to go because their homes were destroyed. Though the Superdome was packed, they still found ways to keep their heads up like walking around the whole stadium singing which boosted the hopes of everyone. I don’t think the United States government showed the natural right philosophy due to the fact that the Canadians Troopers were there with their horses helping before our help arrived. We also had contact from Cuba, saying if we needed help they were there for us. Another example was the brutality of the police by not letting the people cross the bridge out of New Orleans which is their unalienable rights. They were forced to walk all the way back across the bridge and some were even shot for it. There were lawsuits against the police at the road block for doing what they did. The government should have had 1000s of people down in New Orleans helping to get people out of...
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