Hurricane Katrina

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Hurricane Katrina

Can you imagine being in one of the most devastating hurricanes ever well that’s what the people in New Orleans went through? In this essay I will talk about hurricane Katrina that took place in the New Orleans. In my three paragraphs in paragraph two I will talk about who, what, when, where, why, how, in paragraph Three I will talk about who it effected who it I going to affect and why it is important, and why it was important and in paragraph four I will talk about facts, and in five I will talk about my opinion about the article.

The devastating hurricane occurred in the New Orleans. How it affected the people who lived in New Orleans and, damaged their houses and belongings. Where this occurred was in the New Orleans. The damage caused from this natural disaster costing billions of dollars to repair. The floodwaters destroyed neighborhoods and survivors were struggling do hang onto their rooftops and then soon rescued. This occurred august 29th, 2005. Hurricane Katrina is one of the most costliest to be on record ever. There was a superdome held about 10,000 evacuees hundreds left the city to start a new life and to forget about what happened in the past.

What is happening now because of this event is political and social extend for the next decade. This is going to affect everybody who lives in New Orleans and has no where to go. This event will affect a large population of people because all the people who moved are going to Massachusetts or Utah and those cities could crowded and overwhelmed. This is an important event because it affected many people and their futures. And it will affect how people will get their jobs. It will also hard to repair all the houses/neighborhoods and will take a very long time

Some facts about hurricane Katrina are there were about 1,700 killed. And the storm that hit was like four combined storms. Also when the president George W. Bush's stepped in his actions were too little...
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