Huntsville Project Charter

Topics: Project management, Risk, Construction Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Project Name| Huntsville Project| Project Number| 1|
Project Manager| Janet Clark| Prioritization| |
Owner(s)| SEITZ Corporation| Start Date:| April 17, 2009| Scheduled Completion Date:| June 30, 2010|

Mission| To gain second position in market share in southeast region| |
Scope| Construction of a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama in order to reduce the cost of transportation to the markets in the region| |
Objectives| To build a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama for $2. 75 million and accomplish first shipment of the product by June 30, 2010.| |
Assumptions| * Required technical staff for the new plant will be recruited from the internal and external sources * Funding for the project will be ready for immediate use * The new technology prototype will be ready to be used in the new plant * | |

Constraints| * Technical staff needed for the new plant may not be willing to relocate from Milwaukee to Alabama * Required permits for construction might not be completed in time | |
Time/Decision Points| Define key events which usually represent a significant deliverable. They may be process indicators, decision gates, funding decision points or other significant phases. In this section, document key events, decision gates. Start and end dates are helpful. This section is also a good place to document important information pertaining to dates. For instance, if an end date is required by an FCC regulation, that fact should be documented here along with the end date.| |

Cost/Financial Assumptions| Usually information from the feasibility analysis. Answers funding questions. Information for this section usually comes from the feasibility analysis. In this section outline life cycle costs and revenues. The purpose of this section is to help determine if pursuing this project makes corporate sense. It is NOT the Project Budget. The project budget will be created in the Project Plan.| |...
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