Huntsville Project

Topics: Project management, Construction, Critical path method Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Karen Brown
Huntsville Project
November Term
Week Three

Question #1

Estimated Completion Time of Project
According to the requirements that we have set for this project we will not be able to complete it by the expected date of November 2013. With the amount of resources that we need to complete the project our new projected end date is January 30, 2014. There are a few options that we can take to reduce the amount of time needed to complete this project by the proposed date of November 2013.

Proposed Changes to Schedule
We can expedite the project by reducing the amount of time we have slated for some of our larger tasks. By recalculating and essentially shortening the schedule we can decrease our project by 10%. “A change in the estimated duration of any activity on that path will cause a corresponding change in the slack for that path.” (Gido and Clements 167). Currently we have several tasks that we can reduce time: * Recruiting & Training Managers 6 weeks (CP)

* Creating Building Design 6 weeks (CP)
* Building Construction 40 weeks (CP)
* Procuring Equipment 24 weeks
* Procuring Truck Fleet 8 weeks (CP)
Of the five tasks identified, four of these tasks are along our critical path and attribute to 60 weeks or a little more than a year. If we were able to reduce tasks along the critical path by 30% it would provide us an extra 18 weeks or four-and-a-half months to complete the schedule. According to our current schedule we are exceeding our schedule by two-and-a-half months. I am proposing that we reduce all of the aforementioned items by a total of 10% will save us two-and-a-half months on our schedule and should provide adequate time to complete the project in the specified time.

Proposed Weekly Allotments
* Recruiting & Training Managers 5 weeks (CP)
* Creating Building Design 5 weeks (CP)
* Building Construction 36 weeks (CP)
* Procuring Equipment 21 weeks
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