Hunting vs. Fishing

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Hunting vs. Fishing1

Hunting vs. Fishing
Elizabeth Iania
ENG 121 English Composition
Professor  Katrina Tiesman
September 10, 2012

Hunting vs. Fishing2

When it comes to outdoor activities that involve people fending for their own food, there are two different things, fishing and hunting. Hunting and fishing are sports that people enjoy doing outside. People every day go out and fend for their dinner, and also they do it for pleasure. There are so many different types of equipment you need for both sports. Hunting and fishing have many things in common, but they are very different.

To lead off hunting is very different than fishing. When you go hunting you need to have the proper attire to wear. You just can’t go out and expect to shoot something wearing jeans and a tee shirt. To give a better description a person would need to have clothes that are camouflage but not the army kind. You would want to make sure that it is scent free because the animals will smell you. When hunting you go mainly in the woods, most people sit in a tree stand. Some people will walk with dogs to help them catch their prey. When people hunt they use different weapons such as bow and arrows, tranquilizer darts, knifes, and guns. There are many different types of animals people go hunting for; to list a few there are pigs, deer’s, turkeys, and ducks. Hunting is considered a dangerous sport because you have some people that just go out there to hunt but play around at the same time ending up you might school someone thinking that you are shooting an animal but it’s a decoy or person.

Fishing is a sport that is totally opposite than hunting. When people go fishing they mainly wear bathing suits, but you can wear anything. Fishing has to do with water everywhere and you don’t have to worry about fish seeing or smelling you since they are under the water looking for food. You can fish in either saltwater or...
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