Hunting Should Be Allowed

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  • Published: April 30, 2011
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Shelby Morgan
Professor Colon
ENC 1102
July 17, 2009
Hunting Should Be Allowed
Hunting is beneficial to our society and therefore should be allowed. Historically human beings have been pursuing wild animals to provide their families with food, clothing, and shelter. In modern times the need for hunting for survival has lessened because of the development of animal husbandry and agriculture. There were times in history worldwide when hunting became profitable and hunters began killing animals for their fur, skins, and meat. Then it became necessary to put regulations in to effect to preserve wildlife as well as to somewhat appease the critics who felt hunting should be illegal. Three main reasons why hunting should be allowed is to regulate the amount of wild animals, so that areas do not become over populated by them. Another reason is that hunting is a major money making industry. The third main reason is that hunting for sport of food is an exciting and educational experience for hunters of all ages. In John Clare’s poem “The Badger” we see hunting at its worst and a major turnoff due to the unethical and cruel nature of the townspeople engaged in the hunt. Poems like these motivate people to be anti-hunting but if we look closely at the benefits of hunting it overrides such negativity and we can plainly see the benefits. Hunting if done responsibly should be allowed. It is a great privilege to have and is regulated by the government. Some of the steps put in place is the requirement to pass a hunter education course before hunting, this protects people. There are also laws that set hunting season dates to protect wildlife. Most states grant their wildlife agencies the authority to manage wildlife population using regulations. Regulations are generally easier to change and better suit the dynamic nature of wildlife management.  For example, if a drought caused many a deer to die, the wildlife agency would be able to change its regulations by reducing the number of permits and protecting the deer population.  If the situation was reversed a sudden increase in the deer population was observed then the wildlife agency can change its regulations, increasing the number of permits and providing more opportunity for hunting. Many benefits come from hunting not only to the hunter, but also to society. Without the hunter, many breeds of animals would become overpopulated and die off from lack of food due to excess in their numbers and lower percentage of food per herd. Not only would there be too many animals, but it would greatly increase the chance of disease and inner-herd killings. Nature decrees the survival of the fittest, those that are weak and old will be the first attacked, even by their own kind. Hunting also brings benefit to humans through the control of the wildlife and the predatory animals that would invade neighborhoods when overpopulation occurs. These dangerous animals are wolves, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats. Hunting wildlife keeps disease among wildlife at a lower rate and ensures better survival. Hunters also donate millions of dollars each year from hunting license and stamp fees that buy thousands of acres of open land, natural habitat, and wetlands that forever preserve them for wildlife use each year. Individuals who are against hunting do not spend any money on this. Hunting is a major money maker for the government as well as private establishments. The average hunter spends quite a reasonable amount of money on his hunting trips. These hunting trips approximately last for about seven to twelve days on average. The taxes on the hunting licenses increase every year adding to the expense and putting money in to government coffers. Hunters also buy equipment. This helps private businesses and retailers. Hunting offers benefits to the hunter in the form of a sport, not only for food but it is a relaxing, exciting and an educational experience for hunters of all...
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