Hunting Horn or Oliphant Assignment

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  • Published : August 23, 2011
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Assignment 05
Examine closely plate 3.1.6 in the illustration book, showing a hunting horn or Oliphant, and in no more than in 500 words discuss whether this artefact is more European than African. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the hunting horn is that there is man playing some sort of instrument, and also wearing clothes that would believe came from 16th century Europe. Yet it is obviously made out of ivory which probably came from an African elephant or Rhino. After doing some research I noticed that most African hunting horns were curved, and most European horn were straight. At first glance you would think it was African but the engravings tell a different story. It has a very symmetrical and detailed design which vaguely look like some sort of coat of arms, and also a carving on the middle of the hunting horn which has the resemblance of a medieval castle. I would like to return to the carving of what I believe to be a man playing blowing a hunting horn or a flute. His clothing is defiantly European. I have researched African hunting horns and i found out that there is the same symbol on most horns have suggesting that it has a Portuguese influence on it. Europe had a huge influence on Africa. Especially Portugal and Great Britain. Great Britain had a huge influence on Africa but not really during the 16th centaury Britain invaded Benin city in 1897. At this time there were a lot of other Europeans living in African at this time Part 2
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