Hunting: Good or Bad?a

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Hunting is considered as a hobby for most people across the world, it is also known as a crime in many countries. The animal instinct in humans was first brought alive through hunting during the Stone Age, when man had not discovered any resources of food other than predation. He hunted like other wild animals, schemed a plan to attract his prey, waited till it approached and then pounced on it with weapons till the animal finally gave in. This practice of hunting has been followed even after millions of years of evolution and is very dominant till today. For those who believe in hunting as a hobby, it serves as a great outdoor experience. It can be considered as a good exercise, when you are on a day out! Hunting offers benefits to the hunter as well. There are the benefits of education, by watching and studying the animals, the hunter will in turn learn how they associate among themselves, their patterns for breeding and migration, and their tendencies of behavior. Therefore, the hunter will not only benefit by this knowledge within his hunt but also an understanding of what animals to harvest when hunting. Hunting also provides excitement and a chance for a relaxing connection with nature. During a hunt, the hunter is often sitting in silence and connecting with nature. This opportunity allows for the hunter to take in his surrounding and learn the area around him. One of the main pros of hunting is known to be the art of survival which is mastered through this, in case you are stranded in lonely areas. It gives you knowledge about how and what to hunt. Hunting is also known to be used for controlling the population of certain animals and men is found to replace some predators which were active in the food chain but are now extinct. The health of the animals and the life cycle that produces from healthy wildlife is important to hunters proving to produce larger, stronger wildlife without damaging their chances of survival. Hunting also brings benefit to...
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