Hunting and Fishing Equipment

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Hunting and Fishing Equipment - US - February 2012SCOPE AND THEMESWhat you need to knowDefinitionData sourcesSales dataConsumer survey dataAbbreviations and termsAbbreviationsTermsEXECUTIVE SUMMARYSales increase 5.6% to nearly $6 billion in 2010Hunting equipment boosts total sales, fishing equipment sales declineLower-priced, smaller firearms are the new trendConsumers surveyed want to buy AmericanCore market of hunters and anglers are hurting financiallyHunting and fishing participation is on the declineWomen anglers, young sportsmen provide opportunityLegislation and higher licensing costs threaten accessWalmart most popular retail channelRemington and Winchester most popular brandsEconomy changing ways consumers think about buyingSportsmen look to family and friends for advice, making social media highly effective marketing strategySportsmen celebrate culture of conservationINSIGHTS AND OPPORTUNITIESTarget small but growing market of women huntersFigure 1: Sports and fitness, by gender, April 2010-June 2011Emphasize nature to introduce youth to hunting/fishing cultureUrban taste for all things organic and locally grown presents opportunityINSPIRE INSIGHTSInspire Insight: FauxthenticityThe feel of the hunt, cruelty-freeLasting, social memoriesInspire Insight: GreenfluencersBack to nature: Hunting, fishing, and shootingSportsmens alliances for a causeMARKET SIZE AND FORECASTKey pointsSlow and steady growth persists through slack economyFigure 2: Total U.S. retail sales of hunting/firearms equipment and fishing equipment, 2006-16Figure 3: Total U.S. retail sales of hunting/firearms equipment and fishing equipment, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2006-16THE IMPORT MARKETKey pointsAsian countries top exporters of fishing equipmentFigure 4: Imports of fishing tackle, nets, hunting decoys/birds, parts and accessories, customs value, by country, 2007-10Firearm imports sag due to prices, buy-American sentimentFigure 5: Imports of sports guns, customs value, by country, 2007-10Imports of pistols and revolvers have grown strongly since 2007Figure 6: Imports of pistols and revolvers, customs value, by country, 2007-10MARKET DRIVERSKey pointsNumber of hunters, anglers declining due to demographicsFigure 7: U.S. anglers and hunters aged 16 and older, 1996-2006Aging Baby Boomers are hanging up their guns and tackleFigure 8: Population, by age, 2006-16Whites make up a declining proportion of the U.S. populationFigure 9: Population, by race and Hispanic origin, 2000-15Increased urbanization leads to lower recruitment rates and less accessIndex of consumer sentiment improving post debt-ceiling debacleCost of ammunition soars with metal demand from China, political eventsSales of fishing licenses show diverse geography of anglersFigure 10: Number of fishing license buyers, by state, 2008 and 2009Decline in income among whites puts pressure on fishing and hunting salesFigure 11: Median household income for households headed by whites, in inflation-adjusted dollars, 2000-10COMPETITIVE CONTEXTKey pointsParticipation in winter sports activities increasingNew legislation, higher licensing costs, and alternate land use threaten accessMedia focus on the kill in hunting shows enables armchair huntingSEGMENT PERFORMANCEKey pointsHunting equipment sales gains make up for fishings lossFigure 12: Total U.S. retail sales of hunting/firearms equipment and fishing equipment, by segment, 2008 and 2010Hunting and fishing equipment sales forecast to reach new highsFigure 13: Total U.S. retail sales of hunting/firearms equipment and fishing equipment, by segment, 2006-16SEGMENT PERFORMANCEHUNTING AND SHOOTINGKey pointsStrong boost in firearm sales due to Obama effectLower-priced, smaller firearms are the new trendFigure 14: Total U.S. retail sales of hunting/firearms equipment, at current prices, 2006-16SEGMENT PERFORMANCEFISHINGKey pointsDemographics and recession hurt fishing sales, brands look to new audienceFigure 15: Total U.S. retail sales of fishing...
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