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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Kyla Todaro
Mrs. Beeler
LA 1-2H
26 September 2012
Hunting: Harmful or Helpful?
Hunting is a very popular sport, but many people have separate opinions. Some believe it’s helpful. Other people are completely against it. This sport shows many beneficial traits. Hunting connects man to nature and provides much needed items, balances populations and helps build character.

It maybe argued that hunting should be illegal because of the ambushing of defenseless animals. Most people, as this article claims, believe that animals in the wilderness are just being hunted down for a sport. (Issitt, "Hunting Is Cruel") It is said that this activity gives the hunter a need for violence and domination. However, hunting provides a variety of meats and other supplies. This sport helps hunters adopt new traits while keeping the animal populations in line.

Hunting provides an enormous amount of supplies that benefit everyone. This sport presents society with a variety of meats. This is the healthiest and most natural of diets. (Lee, "Hunting: An Overview.") The food produced by this sport is distributed in large amounts and can be a very helpful resource for many people. Fur can be taken from the hunted animals to make clothing as well. A variety of much need supplies comes from this activity. Population balance is the main benefit of hunting. A healthy biodiversity is created which boosts ecosystem productivity. If rules are broken during hunting then the hunter will have to pay a fine. The fine money goes towards funds that help the wildlife and animal rescue programs. Some animals harm the wildlife and that can create problems within many ecosystems. Hunting eliminates these harmful animals which protects other species. (Driscoll, "Hunting Provides Numerous Benefits") Usually chemicals are needed to control the populations, but hunting lowers the use for that solution while controlling the population. The sport of hunting helps build character and values....
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