Hunters in the Snow

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Deception in the Snow
Cold weather and colder friendships is a nutshell summary of “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff. Tub, Frank, and Kenny are three immature hunters who lie to themselves in order to deceive others. In spite of the constant bullying of Tub, the three appear to be trusting friends that could turn to each other in a time of need. We later find out that concerns for their own deceptive lives far outweigh their concerns for their friend’s troubles. Tobias Wolff paints a picture of Tub as an overweight gentleman with a big heart and even bigger stomach who desperately seeks the acceptance of his best friend Frank. He is constantly lying to himself about his glands being the reason for his obesity, only so he can believe in it enough to make his friends believe the same. “What am I supposed to do?” Tub said. “Its my glands.” It is hard to blame Tub for lying about the real reason for his obesity with the constant nagging and bullying he receives from Frank and Kenny. Reaching his breaking point with Frank, Tub grabs him tight by the collar and holds him up against the fence. "What do you know about fat," Tub said. "What do you know about glands?" As he spoke he kept shaking Frank. "What do you know about me?" Tubs outburst causes the reader to wonder if Kenny’s gun shot wound was truly an accident or just the result of Tub reaching his breaking point with Kenny. We later find out the truth about Tubs weight troubles when he finally trusts Frank enough to tell him about his hardships with food addiction. “When I said that about my glands, that wasn’t true. The truth is I shovel it in.” Although Tub is in a serious battle with his own inner demons about his weight, he appears to be the most kind hearted of the three friends. Even with the constant terrorizing Frank depicts Tub with, Tub remains a solid friend that Frank can turn to when something is troubling him. “Frank, when you’ve got a friend it means you always got someone on your side, no...
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