Hunter Gathering to Agriculture Tranformation

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Palmer 1
Emile Palmer
World History
Professor Davis
30 September, 2012
Hunter Gathering to Agriculture Transformation
The transformation from Hunter gathering to agriculture was very revolutionary and remarkable. The transformation was very important because for the first time in the history of humans, people no longer to act in a nomadic manner. They had a greater amount of food supply, and it also needed less people to provide nourishment for their populations. There many factors that took place after the transformation that took great effect. Some of those factors that took place were that less cooperation was need to produce goods for the people, new technology was created and used, the growth in population denstiy, and the settlement in villages, towns which later became cities.

The settlement in villages and towns that later became cities was a great factor after the transformation. This was a great factor because this caused a great effect on the people; they didn’t have to have to move frequently from place to place. The people were able to settle down in one place and grow their own crops for themselves. This means that it didn’t take many people to cooperate to gain food.

Farming required less cooperation and sharing than hunting and gathering did. Before, all members of a tribe had to hunt together and all members had to share the profits with everyone. But since there was no privacy or no one owned any part of the land, there was nothing really to fight for. But most hunting and gathering societies were, and for the most part still are peaceful with no quarrels. But in contrast, agriculture allowed individual families to farm their own lands. Palmer 2

Then as a result, private property started to evolve. This led to social classes, and led to conflict between the rich and the poor. Also, another great factor that took place was that new technology was created and used for agriculture.

Many agricultural technological advancements were...
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