Hunger Paragraph

Topics: Play, Learning, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: March 12, 2011
Joshua Cotter
American Literature
Double Whammy

Min is a self-sacrificing person who keeps to herself and feels responsible for making Tian happy. Min says of her relationship with Tian, “Since our marriage, I had watched over his eating and sleeping habits, but I needed to spend more time mending his clothes and coaxing him to buy new ones” (21). Tian doesn’t recognize all the sacrifices that Min takes for him and because of this she should stand up for herself, but maybe she’s afraid that Tian might leave her. Min works really hard to make life for Tian good, but he doesn’t really appreciate what she does and she can’t do anything about it because she is intimidated by him. Their relationship also suffers when Min tells Tian that she is pregnant and he, though stating to be happy, tells her, “But after this child is born, I think you should go to the doctor again. To ask for one of those things” (27). Min wants to have more children especially a boy, to make Tian happier, but Tian tells Min to get a diaphragm so she can’t get pregnant anytime soon. All Min wants to do is make Tian’s life as happy as possible, but it seems that all Tian cares about is his music career. In the end Min is miserable because she does not know how to please Tian, when there really isn’t anything she can do. Showing a Change

Many changes in character happen in this book, but one of the most important changes must be Ruth’s change. After Ruth was born, it seemed as if Tian became happier. Tian enjoyed playing with his daughter as “She allowed him to tickle her, squirmed, and giggled until Tian’s mouth twitched. ‘Mushroom head,’ he said finally. ‘Rice bucket’” (45). When Ruth was born, Tian seemed to spend a lot of time with her. He seemed to be happier because Ruth resembled his family in a way. Min didn’t mind this because she was happy Tian was happy. When Ruth got old enough she started to learn to play the violin. From time to time she...
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