Hunger Games Reaction Paper

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Vivien: My Mama told me when I was young, we we’re born superstars. She rolled my hair, put my lips stick on. In a glass of her boudoir. Im beautiful in my way coz God makes no mistake. Im on the right track baby, I was born this way. Tsugs, tsugs, tsugs! Ooh! This disco ball is amazing! The people here are very fabulous and stunning. And, oh! What is that I see? Money, money, money! I wanna be a billionare, so freaking bad. Buying all the things I never had. I wanna be a cover of Forbes Magazine. “Jackpot” Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. Star ships were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky. Oh yeah I got it. I got it. I go.. ? Oh no, Police! They’re finding me. They’re Chasing me, they’re chasing me! No! They must not catch me, I have enough money for my starving mother and brothers. Police: You’re arrested!

Vivien: Please let me go! Let me go home first before you imprison me!
Very well officers, take me to your headquarters.
Oh please Let me go, my mother is sick. Please.
Good morning/ afternoon captain.
Captain: Your jail is now ready for you kid.
Vivien: No! You are mistaken. I was once a good girl. Just like the rest of you here.
Just like any of your daughters.
But time was, when I was reared in slums.
But we lived honestly, we lived honestly in life.
My father, mother, brothers and I. But poverty enters the portal of our home. My father become jobless. My mother got ill. The small savings that my mother kept were spent. All for our daily needs and her needed medicines.

One night my father went out and said, he would come back for a few minutes with plenty of foods and money. But that was the last time I saw him. He went to another woman!!! If only I can place my hands on his neck and wring it without pain, until he breathes no more!

If you are on my place you’ll do it, won’t you captain? Captain: Stop that stupid story of yours. Come on!
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