Hunger Games Comparison

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, United States, Sociology Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Hunger Games vs. Our society

A. intro
1. Alter bodies for fashion/looks
2. 13 colonies theory
3. Average American/ Average Capitolean
B. Body Altering
1. Body coloration
a. tatooes
b. tanning beds
c. piercings/colored hair
2. Conclusion
C. 13 Colonies Theory
1. 13 states/districts
a. try to prevent a "war"
b. King George III /President Snow taking over cruely
c. Lower class/ Upper class
2. Upper Class = large and moder city = Capitol
3. "While there is no such thing as an ordinaryy American, it is not the case that most Americans are balkanized in enclaves where they know little of what life is like for most other Americans. 'The American Mainstream' may be hard to specify in detail, but it exists" -Charles Murray

D. Average American/ Those in the Capitol
1. We all have an idea of what the average american looks like, But the most common answer was: obese, piercing, tatooes, dyed hair. How does this compare to the Hunger Games? Well in the "Hunger Games", the Capitol people had colored hair and skin, glitter, unusual hair, and did many other unusual things to themselves to portray themselves as beautiful and the new "it" thing. If you looked at our society, you would see how just about everyone is trying to be the average American and follow all the new trends. Susanna Collins took this theory and made it her own creating a society that portays exactly how ours is.

E. Conclusion
1. Body Alteration
2. 13 colonies theory
3. Average

Hunger Games vs. Our Society
"Hunger Games" by Susanna Collins, has many similarities to our modern day society. The people living in the "Hunger Games" Capitol do many things to their body that our society does to theirs. The thirteen districts in "Hunger Games" had many parallelisms to our thirteen original colonies. The average person living in the capitol has many similarities to our societies average person. "Hunger Games" society has many of the cultural...
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