Hunger Games

Topics: Utopia, Utopian and dystopian fiction, The Hunger Games Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: March 23, 2012
“How does Collins use the genre of dystopian fiction to make a comment on contemporary society?”

Suzanne Collins uses dystopian fiction to warn us of the many things that are wrong in the present world. The Hunger Games is based on a depressing world which we would all hate to live in. Collins brings to our attention some of the problems we have in today’s world such as our obsession with looking perfect, how we waste our time, and how selfish we are.

In our society we waste our time on video games, appearance, TV and computers while there are people who can barely survive and spend every minute of there day trying to keep their family alive. In the Hunger Games the capitol waste there time trying to look perfect because they don’t need to try and survive because everything is there for them when want it where in district 12 you have to fight to survive and never get a break but still don’t get much from it. “What must it be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button? How would I spend the hours I now commit to combing the woods for sustenance if it were so easy to come by?” Katniss has been spending her every day since she was 11 years old going to school and hunting for food unlike the capitol that have everything they want. We also spend millions of dollars on plastic surgery, diets and creams to achieve the ‘perfect look’ while some people can’t even get clean water and only one meal a day. In district 12 having wrinkles is a good thing because not many people live that long there and if you have a round belly it means you’re not scrapping by like most of them “They do surgery in the capitol, to make people look younger and thinner. In district 12, looking old is something of an achievement. A plump person is envied.”

Today we could not live with out technology, we use it to survive and entertain but in the Hunger Games it is not only used for positive purposes such as getting food at the click of a button but also...
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