Hunger Games

Topics: The Hunger Games, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Katniss Everdeen is a teenager living in District 12. There used to be 13 districts but the 13th tried to start a riot and it got toxic-ally bombed by the government. The book is set many years ahead in what is perceived to be future America. Every year The Hunger Games is hosted to remind the districts how easy the government can destroy them and to remind them of what happened. Two contestants from each District are pitted against all of the others and stuck in a dome where they will fight to the death. Whoever is the last standing wins and gets a new home and everything they've always wanted. Katniss' father died when she was young, and since then she has been the leader of her family of three [mom, her, and sister]. Then, on the day of the drawing Katniss' sister is chosen, but instead Katniss volunteers in her place. For the boys, a guy named Peeta is chosen Katniss soon realizes that Peeta did a good deed for her when her dad died, he gave her two loaves of slightly baked bread for her and her family [even though his mother slapped him for it]. Then they are taken to the City called the Capitol and they are trained and mentored. Then, they are pitted in the dome. Katniss and Peeta pretend to fall in love. Peeta is really in love with her even though Katniss isn't sure. At one point an announcer says that if there are still two people left from the same district they can win. At the end, Katniss and Peeta are both left when the announcer changes what he said, only one can win. Katniss gets an idea. She picks some poison berries and her and Peeta almost eat them. Then the announcer says that they both can win. When they get back to where they were first trained, Katniss says that she was just playing the part. Peeta gets angry and basically gives her the cold shoulder most of the time. Then in the very end he says "one last time for the cameras" and they hold hands. The Hunger Games covers a period of about two or three weeks. The...
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