Hunger Games

Topics: The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: December 18, 2012
In the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins survival is the main theme. The main character Katniss Everdeen has to survive her daily life, which has many hardships she must face and also the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is an annual event where one boy tribute and one girl tribute are chosen from each of the twelve districts. The tributes have to fight to the death in an arena, on live T.V until one survivor is left.

Some of the ways Katniss Everdeen survives her daily life and the Hunger Games are given in the following examples. In katniss's daily life she is forced to be the provider of her family because her mother is to weak to due to her husbands death. To provide her family, she has to trespass in the woods to hunt, trap, and fish, which is all illegal. Katniss also had to learn how to trade at the Hob, a local market in the Seam, to get other supplies they need. Katniss also takes tessares, a mergers year of grain and oil for one person for each of their family members. Lastly, she could not have survived if she did not learn from Gale how to trap or from her father how to hunt.

In the Hunger Games Katniss uses her survival skills that have become a natural part of her everyday life as an advantage against the careers, a group of twelve- eighteen year olds from districts one, two, and four that illegally train prior to the event and volunteer as tribute. Katniss also has natural instincts like tree climbing, when and when not to light a fire and how to live off the land. Katniss also has another advantage over the careers because she knows how to be hungry and how to go long periods of time without food, which the careers being well fed all their lives do not know how to. Katniss also allies with Rue because with out her she would not have known about the tracker jackets and she would not have blown up the tributes food supply. Lastly, Katniss plays along with "the star-crossed lovers" with Peeta to gain the acceptance with the...
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