Hunger Essay

Topics: Lan Samantha Chang, Family, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: December 5, 2011
For everybody, family is the warmest word we would hear especially in those first and last years of our lives. The developing minds of children are strongly affected by the role of their parents as how they treat them. As a matter of fact, each person would have a different view of the family that they all live in. Those differences are even more distinctive in an immigrant family, where kids mainly adopt to new culture rather than the one that their parents have, the family of Tian, Min, Anna, and Ruth in Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang is a good example. As a result, the parents’ efforts in trying to keep their kids under controlled as well as to understand them eventually create a gap between them. Ironically, the gap, which holds all the left-out elements of a happy family, is eventually extended by conflicts between the members themselves.

The story was begun when Min met Tian on a foreign land by yuenfen, or fate. At that very moment she knew that Tian would be the man of her life, although she was confused about her feeling “To this day I don’t know why I stole Tian’s hat. Perhaps his solitude gave me strength … I looked at him. The storm had streaked his hair into his eyes – surely the blackest eyes of any man I’d ever met, the eyelashes laid flat with melting snow…. And at that moment I believed I knew what would come to be” (Chang 13-14). Things came true and they then had a family for themselves which was expected to be full of love and cares. However, as the story goes along, more and more conflicts happen and lead to the different directions in their view about this family.

As a Chinese-born female, Min was taught by her mother to believe in fate and destiny of her life. Her mother once said to Min about yuenfen that: “It means: that apportionment of love which is destined for you in this world” (Chang 17). In fact, the love between Min and Tian and the family that they were building were really her yuenfen. She had...
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