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Hunger by Anzia Yezierska

I found hunger to be a very interesting story, because it reminded me of the strong relation between the story and some of my family members including myself who immigrated to the United States long time ago. The story reminded me of how many people come to this country in search for the American dream.
One passage that was very interesting to me from the story is when the author is looking for a job, and comes upon a sign that stated “hands for wanted”. The author didn’t care what kind of work she was going to perform. All she wanted to do was obtain a job to get ahead in life. The author reminded me of the many immigrants who come to this country looking for a better life and at many times sacrifice by working two or three jobs to make ends meet. While reading the story, I was saddened of how many immigrants get treated in this country. I was saddened of how ignorant many American states could be when the subject of immigration is brought up. Many in this country forget that at one time in their family history, their ancestors emigrated to the U.S from many parts around the world. Many need to be reminded that unless their family is not a Native American; America consist of roots from all over the world. I believe that people that immigrate to this country should enter legally however, people often forget that others who come to this country are entitled to have the same dreams as many of us had when our families immigrated to this country for the first time.

The reading is the best example of how anyone can come to this country and accomplish the American dream if they work hard at it. I personally give lots of credit to the author, because she didn’t let anything get in her way of accomplishing her dream of succeeding in life.
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