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The Hunger Games analysis
The race till death is the name of choice for the Hunger Games book written by Suzanne Collins. This book is one to remember, it has many life lessons. There are so many themes in this book. With all the different themes it could tie in to about anyone’s expectations. You can’t really pinpoint just on major theme but many to choose from. From all the suspense and action, it makes you feel as though you are there beside the narrator and you’re just reading the book. The Hunger Games book has had more than its share of great reviews, from some of the top book reviewers. Unlike other books that have the same plot in mind Suzanne Collins executed this book perfectly. We will take a look inside the major themes of the Hunger Games by Susan Collins and some of the amazing feedback this book has got. But just so I can refresh your memory I’ll give you a brief overview of the story.

First, the stories narrator is sixteen year old Katniss from district twelve in Panem. In the sixteen years that Katniss has been on this earth she has had many life altering changes. At the age of eleven Katniss father died in a mine explosion. Since then, to keep her family from starving, she must provide for her mother and her little sister Prim, using the knowledge that she still remembers from her father teaching her how to hunt. The story starts with Katniss and her hunting partner Gale which she soon thinks she has feelings for, hunting in the woods. Later on that day at 2:00 p.m. the reaping will be held in the square in front of the justice building. At the reaping the children are lined up in rows, from oldest to youngest, and all the people of district twelve are required to attend by the government. The name of the children are placed into a glass bowl by Effie Trinket and which one ever boy and girl she picks out, will represent district twelve in the hunger games. The Hunger Games takes place with all twelve districts. The whole Panem nation gets to watch the children from different districts battle each other to be the last one alive in the end. The government changed the rules this year so the boy and girl from the same district may live if they are the last two alive. When Effie Trinket pulls out a name from the bowl, she pulls out Katniss little sister Primrose also known as Prim. Instead of Prim being in the Hunger games she Katniss ask if she can take her place, and she does. The boy chosen is Peeta Mellark, Katniss knows Petta well. When her father passed and they had no food,Petta threw Katniss a loaf of burnt bread outside of his family’s bakery store. This gives Katniss and hope and the will to survive, but at the same time she feels she owes Petta her life. Within the book she must play the audience by making them think that she and Petta have a romantic attraction to one another. The audience likes the fact that something may be going on between them. She and Petta make a pack to help each other survive and ultimately they are the survivors of the Hunger Games. By the end of the story Katniss is confused about her feelings for her hunting partner Gale and her Hunger Games partner Petta, and her true identity. The Los Angeles time said this book was "...enthralling, imaginative and creepy". Publishers weekly, Megan Whalen Turner say's “What happens if we choose entertainment over humanity? In Collins's world, we'll be obsessed with grooming, we'll talk funny, and all our sentences will ends with the same rise as questions. When Katniss is sent to the stylist to be made more telegenic before she competes, she stands naked in front of them, strangely unembarrassed. "They’re so unlike people that I'm no more self-conscious than if a trio of oddly colored birds were pecking around my feet," she thinks. In order not to hate these creatures who are sending her to her death, she imagines them as pets. It isn’t just the contestants who risk the loss of their humanity. It is all who watch".

Second, two...
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