Humor on Suggestion Box

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Suggestion for suggestion box
Not to put abusive letters, creative abuses though will be laughed at, (i) strict disciplinary actions enforced in unmentionables. (ii) Stupid abusive , the concerned person shall be made to watch fat video of baboon scratching his rear repeatedly for 3 days continuous(placed with straight jacket in the a separate restroom) Not a garbage can, no degradable waste are to be put, creating a separate ecosystem is not appreciated. Not to put personal items, not safety locker, chi chi items strictly Not food storage, all edible food items shall be auctioned during lunch, money received shall be re-invested in procuring and managing another suggestion box Not an hundial, money shall be donated for south sudan III rd wing relief fund for people with degenerated ear lobe For dementia patients, not to put their cheques there

Not to put pixies, midgets, or any living, dead or mythological creatures or its pars. For nuclear enthusiasts putting bio hazard material will not be entertained. There is a GPRS device for those who think of stealing the box for their good luck charm. Big Boo Boo shall descend upon their life Lame suggestions shall be lam(e)inated in the wall of shame, concerned person will be required to wear a hat shaped like a tube light and shall dishonored with a title of “fruit cake of the month no:xxx” No stickers or writing of any sort , any language on the suggestion box shall be tolerated, wrong doers will be giving company to same wrong doers of Rule 1. Clause (ii) Brave Suggestion suppliers May God be with Hallejalujah
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