Humor in Latino Culture

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The one paragraph about Latino humor

“The aspects that characterize the Latino humor are: satire, ethnic self parody, parody of the dominant culture, code switching, language plays between Spanish and English, mistranslations and the fusion of the profane, body functions, sex and swear words into a self referential type of catharsis” Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture, Volume 1

1- Humor determines how close or far the rest are from our own selves

If you understand our jokes, you are one of us

2- Humor helps us deconstruct social categories

We laugh at the stereotypes that the mainstream has assigned to us, too

3-Humor is a way to survive. When experiencing the miseries, stress and adversity of everyday life, there is nothing like a good “chiste” (joke) to make it through the day.

Life is better with humor in it.

4- Everything is about adding life high doses of humor. However, if that doses comes with music, all of the sudden life becomes much better.

Let's put a little rhythm and joy in life

5- Mistakes are inevitable, but at the end of the day they add a funny edge.

• • • • • • • Penis vs. Peine (comb) Constipated vs. Constipado (catch a cold) Embarrassed vs. embarazada (pregnant) Shits vs. Sheets. my "bowels” vs. Vowels I am excited vs. Estoy excitado ( I’m horny) Guys vs. Gays

Please skip to minute: 1:50

Humor rewards (condones) the disclosure of our mistakes!

6- Humor is linked to the way we sound

Noises and sounds that characterize the variety of accents within the Latino community is what makes the joke an effective humoristic trait.

I nou that Ifff got an aksent…but people onderstan mi yust fain

Please read the note in the box below*

Hey guys, do you really have to sing when you speak?

7- We play with our ability to code switch between the two languages. Being bilingual can lend itself to be a game too. • • • • • • Knock knock. Who’s there? Kelly. Kelly who? Que le importa? (Spanish for “Mind your business”)


A: QUE PASO, TIA? What happened aunt ‘What’s up, aunt?’ B: I went to the store to buy the ZAPATOS that I like PERO ESTABAN gone. I went to the store to buy the shoes that I like but (they) were gone. ‘I went to the store to buy the shoes that I like but they were gone.’ A: LOS shoes AMARILLOS? The shoes yellow (plural) ‘The yellow shoes?’ B: SI, ESTABAN all sold out… Yes (they) were all sold out ‘Yes they were all sold out.’ Extracted from: America’s Mexican, George Lopez. 685D25F6&feature=results_main

Please read the note in the box below*

Spanglish: Porque Because

A popular bilingual Latino story
• “There was un ratoncito, a little mouse, and he was hiding in his hole in the living room. He was very frustrated, because he knew where there was some queso, some cheese. But, he heard the ‘miao’ of el gato, the cat.” This was no ratoncito estúpido, because he knew that gatos eat ratoncitos. So he waited until he heard “Woof, woof,” and he knew it was el perro, the dog. He knew that perros scare away los gatos, and also that perros don’t eat ratoncitos. So he walked out and saw no perro, pero si al gato! And el gato gulped him up and said: “iQue bueno ser bilingüe!”

8- For new Latino generations that don’t necessarily speak Spanish, the use of some Spanish words can become the joke...
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