Humor and Persuasion

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Janice M. Smith-Ward
COMM 323 Persuasion & Argumentation
Professor Megan Trexler
February 11, 2013

Humor and Persuasion
Humor as it pertains to persuasion is a tactics that is used to get the audience in a good mood, to make them more comfortable, and maybe easier to be persuaded. The use of humor in many aspect of the world has shown to have positive effects, and the use of humor in the art of persuasion would be extremely effective in the presentation. With the addition of humor to the persuasion presentation will increase the likeability of the source of the information being presented. It has been established that incorporating the right type of humor into a presentation will increase the effectiveness of the persuasion. There are cartoon humors that can be incorporated into the presentation that has been found to be effective with students; there is ironic humor which is used as a distraction from counter arguments; then there is self-effacing which has been determined to be the most effective, and is used to enhance the information by adding credibility to the source (Lyttle, 2001).

Humor has been used a great deal in advertisement with mixed results. There has been research conducted by various individuals and groups to determine the effectiveness of humor in advertisement. It has been determined that adding humor to the presentation does attract the attention of the audience as well as likability, but it doesn’t offer any comprehension to the presentation. The effectiveness of whether humor in advertisement is a good idea or not has not been clearly determined, and it would be left of the presenter to decide whether or not humor is appropriate in that particular advertisement. The research into the effectiveness of humor was conducted to investigate whether or not humor is effective in advertisement ads. While previous research has shown that the ads that displayed humor was influenced less by the humor then by...
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