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Humna Rehan

Chapter 1

Pippi’s Introduction

In a little town in Sweden there was a tumble down house called Villa Ville Kulla, and in that house lived a lonely girl, who only had two friends, called Pippi Longstocking. She used to wear carrot colored pigtails and shoes twice as long as her feet. This was no ordinary girl. She was the strongest girl in the world. Her friends names were Annika and Tommy. The only person she lived with was her pet monkey named Mr. Nelson. There was no one to tell her what to do, so she did what she liked.

Chapter 2

Trying to Persuade Pippi

Of course Tommy and Annika loved to go to school. ‘Tommy if only Pippi would go to school we would have so much fun,” said Annika. Tommy went in the kitchen and tried to persuade her. ‘Pippi it will be so much fun if you would join our school,’ whispered Annika. Pippi poured the water, which she was drinking on the floor. She stood up and said, “From tomorrow I will go to school”. Tommy and Annika screamed, “Hurray! Now we can play with you in school.” She was really sleepy to get up in the morning. She was so sleepy to go to school. Pippi got up and wore clean clothes and got ready for school.

Chapter 3

Pippi in School

Pippi went on her horse in the morning to school. When the school bell rang Pippi rushed to the class. Tommy told the teacher to talk sweetly with Pippi. When the teacher came in the class, Pippi also arrived at the same time. The teacher welcomed her to the school. The teacher said, “I hope you will like and enjoy our school.” The teacher asked Pippi to give the answer of eight times four. “I do not know the answer of any Math questions,” replied Pippi. “Let us start English. How do we spell Thank you.” “Miss I am sorry I do not know any thing.” The teacher told the kids to go out, “I think you should join school when you are older, said the teacher. Pippi said, “Yes okay.” Pippi took out a watch for the...
Humna Rehan
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