Humn 101learning Activity 3

Topics: Theft, Elgin Marbles, Greeks Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The Elgin Marbles
First and foremost, the Elgin Marbles are a collection of classical Greek sculptures. As I read on the topic about the Elgin Marbles, it sounded a lot like a short crime/suspense novel or some bully on the playground taking another kids marbles. In relation to taking a side on the matter, I would agree with the Greeks. It’s as if the Marbles were stolen, despite the claims or actions taken by Lord Elgin. As I read on, the documentation used in seizing the sculptures doesn’t sound legit at all. The fact that Lord Elgin wanted the Marbles greatly would make one think he was pillaging, on the verge of grand larceny. I hate to say that way, but even when he tried to sell the statues, no one was that intrigued to buy. They would rather look upon the in a museum. I know that the article suggest that the reasoning of not purchasing them was due to the fact that they were damaged, possibly due to age, weather and environment, or transport. From the Greek perspective, I can see why they would be upset over the matter. As I stated earlier, the permit used to gain the Marbles was lost and a copy replaced it. That alone is enough for the returning of rightful property. Another point on the returning of the Marbles is that replicas can be made so that the original structures can be returned to Athens. For instance, many have made replicas of the Statue of Liberty to be displayed at different locations. In conclusion, I believe that the Greeks should have rightful ownership of the Marbles. I don’t think the return of the property would be that difficult.
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