Humility Action Plan

Topics: Virtue, Parenting styles, Apollo Group Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Humility Action Plan

Shannon Colledge

University of Phoenix Axia College

Humility Action Plan
Admit bias
Checking my self-concept in relation to examining my own roots should help to define if there are any pre-existing poor self-conception’s about me. Then changing my, if any present, negative self-talk into a more realistic one is also relevant. In addition, by trying to overcome any existing bias, which happens mostly by admitting and conquering your own pride, I will gain modesty. Seek accurate feedbackI should always try to get the correct feedback about myself or any work that was done by me. Family members and close friends are the perfect sources of providing the accurate feedback that will enhance my strengths and diminish my weaknesses. Learn to laugh at ourselvesNot taking myself too seriously and laughing more often helps to diminish arrogance. Learn from other culturesSeeing myself as part of a whole instead of the whole being part of me will help to value modesty in life. Cultivate the other strengthsBeing thankful and showing gratitude in everything that I do teaches me to be kind and understanding towards others and showing compassion towards myself and others plays a big part of it. Assume a cosmic perspectiveRemembering that I am just one of many millions will remind me of more important things in life beside myself. Experience aweWalking through life with open eyes will help me to recognize and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me every day. Focus beyond selfForgetting about me happens by concentrating my energy on other people or tasks. Promote secure attachmentBy approaching life with a healthy attitude, instead of with fear, will contribute to a precise self-appraisal. Practice authoritative parentingBy nurturing and providing a sincere respect to my children I will...
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