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Being Humble .... something so easy to be described yet so hard to be done
In life, many time you hope for something so much that all your confidence and trust and pride comes together and hope to archive the objective you badly wanted.....but you never try to think of the possible outcomes when you have all these characteristics...

Over-confidence kills you and knocks you down to the core of the earth. When you have trust in yourself, have you ever thought, whether people trust you? Have ever ever been having such a strong self-esteem that you forgot that pride comes in and you were thinking you were so high of yourself and you couldn't see that your pride was even higher than Mount Everest until you couldn't fathom it and you couldn't even face your own pride?

And once all these comes together at the same moment, same time............ Your heart is filled with all the disappointment......all the sadness..... all the sorrows..........all the pain and agony..... All the knives and bullet that your own so called "trusted" friends, stab and slice and blast you in the back....... immediately, the feeling that strikes you,,,, it is non-describable.... You would even dream of it at night, think of it in the day, and you would just say to yourself : "how to let go of such feelings??" An inner voice told me>> rejoice and be grateful for everything that happens to you. look at the bright side of 'down'. and always be aware of your greatest ticket to self destruct=> humble at all time(which i find it super duper extremely incredibly hard)

But after 2 week, and everything have been said and done...things starts to get back into one piece... my joy.... my happiness..... i feel much more grateful and thankful to you all.... Happiness brings all the smiles back upon my face...gratefulness make me think more about the reasons and give me more understanding.... i'm starting to feel more original and myself once...
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