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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Writing Sample: Application to Humber College
Dear Application Reviewers,

       Bridging is an opportunity for those who have had obstacles in the past that prevented them to attain the future that was desired. I had once dreamed to be an engineer and throughout my high school years I had took the necessary steps to try to achieve this goal but in the end I didn’t strive for it. I let myself take the bad choice, the wrong decisions, and ultimately, I did not get to the point of my life that I wanted to be at. Bridging is the right choice and the right decision for me to again work towards this goal. I am missing 5 credits from high school to graduate and if I were to try and acquire my OSSD I would at least need to use another year. Even if I do graduate, many of my credits would be 3rd, 4th, 5th tries. The chance of not being accepted is too great. Bridging is the most solid choice if I am accepted because it is a guarantee spot in an undergrad program if I am able to attain the 73% grade.

I am growing older and I believe that I am becoming more responsible and mature about what I need to do in order for me to be successful in the future. I learned from my past mistakes that I need to attend class. It is the responsibility of the student if they want to do well and succeed.  I have worked out the scheduling issues with my workplace and will be able to attend class regularly and punctually. I now have the right mentality about school , work and prioritizing what I need to do to shape my future right.

 I am currently working full-time as a plumbing apprentice/helper. I have spoken to my boss and I have worked out a part-time schedule with him that enables me to attend school and helps keep me financially afloat. I currently am financing a vehicle and responsible for many personal expenses. If I budget correctly and stick to the budget. I should be able to manage the fees associated with the program and my expenses.

The academic readiness checklist is a...
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