Humans, Stewards on Earth.

Topics: Natural environment, Human, Religion Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Philosophy 365
Samina Jiwani
Tittle: Humans, stewards on earth.

We as humans, use nature as a source of power and resource, but ignore the fact that it is also the source of divine presence. We need nature not for shelter and food only, but also for Nurture of our souls, life is a passage, we should remember that we are here for specific time, and we should leave the world better place than we found it for the sake of our future generations. in this paper, I will try to present the role of humans and their responsibilities on earth. Humans contributed quiet a bit in the destruction of the natural ecosystem. The creator created the world for his entire creations not just for humans only. Survival of humans will be a challenged because of our little attention towards our environment. After watching the film koyaanisqatsi (life without balance) for me it presents fast paced life without a particular direction, values or purpose. Non narrative, with music touching mind and soul explain and expresses all the esoteric and exoteric messages, forces viewers to think and act on their own intellect and wisdom. The images leaves viewers an option to derive their own interpretation.The film rotates on three elements or characters: Nature, Technology, and Human beings. In the film natural images of great canyons, limitless desserts, clouds, oceans, open sky looks pure and beautiful to me, because they are not disturbed by humans yet or in other words not changed or modified. The images of nuclear explosion, space rockets, mass production of semiconductor, means of transportation, elevators, tall building, factories, all drawing my attention towards air pollution and water pollution, damaging Ozone layer and climate change. Images with people made me think of over population and people smoking are not just hurting themselves but hurting others and the environment as well. Humans in the film seems depress, confuse and wandering. I strongly feel that the film is trying to...
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