Humans Should Not Engage in Animal Cruelty

Topics: Mammal, Religion, Human Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Human beings should not engage in animal cruelty.

Human beings should not engage in animal cruelty. There is a thin line separating the differences between animals and humans, therefore to be cruel animals is to be cruel human beings, and it’s not worth it. So why not refrain from injustice treatment to animals? Animals can be trained. If only, human beings can adapt to establish a correlation relationship with animals, this can result to societal benefits. Hence, animals should be fairly treated because they’re of great help to society, should coincide with humans for benefits and should be protected because they can be harmful to society?.

Animals– living things that feel and move about- are beautifully created creatures with different features, and are of great help to society. They work very hard, some work in the day and some at night, they do different jobs. Some like the horses, camels and donkeys are used for transportation and running races to earn money for owners. Dogs of different breeds, help secures properties and residences. Cows, pigs, goats, chickens, just to name a few, are used to produce meats. Other animals can be used for various purposes. For these reasons they should be treated fairly with love, affection and attention

Animals are beneficial to humans, as much as humans are beneficial to them. It is only possible for them both to survive by rendering goods and services needed to each other which are tender love and care versus tangible and intangible services.

In addition animals can be harmful to society, thus need protection. When animals are not protected they are left to survive on their own causing harm to society. Some harm derives from the animals wandering off in the streets causing accidents with motor vehicles, motor cycles and bicycles. Also, gates that would have been left open by owners resulting to dog bites to human are harm from animals. (What are you really saying here?)

In summary animals are animals and...
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