Humans Rights - South Africa

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Select a country that us a member state in the UN. You have been asked to provide a visiting delegation from WHO with a briefing report regarding health and human rights in the country. What is the first though when you think of human rights in South Africa (SA)? Nelson Mandela comes to the forefront with all his efforts and influence on not only the country or continent but the world. Human rights have come a long way in the continent of Africa in the past 30 years; however it still struggles with reaching the heights of effective human rights (Human Rights Watch, 2012). South Africa is no different from the other African nations. There have been many political endeavors which have made positive influence in moving human rights in line with the Western world, however the country still presents with many issues when considering human rights. The purpose of this paper is to explore the human rights issues and successes in relation to the health and equality of the citizens.

Human Rights and South Africa: A background

The African charter has been a major step in developing the human rights in both South Africa and the other states of Africa (Taket, 2012). In SA the health care rights are written in the Patients’ Rights Charter of 2002. This Charter is subject to the provisions of any law operating within the Republic of South Africa and to the financial means of the country. So although there are rights that protect citizens of the country in relation to health care, their rights are only able to access the rights if given (Ouguergouz, 1993; Western Cape Government, 2012). Health Care and therefore health are in crisis due to a number of factors including financial inequality, political influences and poverty (Mooney & McIntyre, 2008). Funding is largely directed to those who are able to afford private health insurance meaning 76% of the South African population is unable to readily access health care. To be able to make dramatic changes to the health of...
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