Humans as Part of Nature

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  • Published : April 8, 2011
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Environment Psychology and Theology Humans as Part of Nature AJ R Chun PhD Fresno Psychology Examiner Environmental Psychologist Theologist Nature: the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing, a creative and controlling force in the universe, an inner force or the sum of such forces in an individual, a kind or class usuallydistinguished by fundamental or essential characteristics , the physical constitution or drives of an organism, a spontaneous attitude, the external world in its entirety, humankind's original or natural condition, the genetically controlled qualities of an organism. What about humans themselves, are they part of nature?Most of us would conclude sooner or later that humans are part of nature.This exception was a secular man who explained that humans are above nature because we are on one of the top layers of the food chain. ³We eat the salmon. That to me seemsProbably « if you want to admit it or not, it is an act of a higher creature feeling that it has the right to eat the salmon.´ The rest of us gave various reasons why humans are part of nature. Mostmentioned was our dependence on natural resources like water and oxygen. Otherscalled humans part of nature because we form a part in the ³chain of being´. ³We aremade up out of all the elements that are found in nature.´ Some religious respondents regarded humans as nature because its creation needs the involvement of a ³higherpower´. In the words of a Muslim woman: ³Humans are a creation of God, they are anatural being.´ Two Buddhists clarify that it took the bringing together of many causes tocreate both nature and humans: ³The consequence of so many things together so that wehave human beings («). The ground and the mountain and the trees « There are many causes to make the ground there, the water there and the trees growing.´Although a large majority concluded that humans are part of nature, many of the laterresponses on this subject showed their doubts about the...
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