Humans Are the Real Monsters

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Humans Are the Real Monsters
Sooner or later, humans will kill off each other. Your kind knows no other way, it's in your genes. You'll keep killing each other until only one remains: the strongest among you. A thousand years from now, a dim-witted human barbarian will climb to the top of a pile of bones, sit down and proclaim: "I win!" The dialogue above was muttered by (his identity is concealed for security purpose). Reading them just as a glance gives you the idea to whom this dialogue is directed to. Yes, this message is for you. If you choose to accept it, read carefully. Since kid, we are told to be the best in every single activity we attended. If you are a student, study hard and be the best student. If you are competing in a race, run fast, beat the rest. And if you are soldier? Be alive, kill the rest, perhaps? Our act of humanity is at the brink of collapsing. Everyday, competition happens. Human are competing with each other to be the king of the mountain. The one who is below pull others down to go up, stepping on others just to climb up. Aggressiveness and eagerness to pursue their intention kills their humanity. The act of turning oneself into THE MONSTER. Yes, humanity will destroy itself. Right now our society is based on greed and amassing more wealth. Most people are in a hurry and on the edge 24/7, with snarls and cursing if anyone gets in their way or does not move fast enough. Watch the lines in the grocery store checkouts, the lines at the fast food drive through, the lines at the bank, and most drivers - you will see people getting angry, swearing at others, abandoning their grocery carts and sometimes forcing cars off the road. There is very little kindness and politeness left in the world today, very little concern for other people. As we become more self-centered and self-important, we seem to care less and less how we treat other people. These attitudes will continue spreading like a cancerous growth until we finally destroy one...
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