Humans are the cause of global warming

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: September 2, 2014
To blame humans or not to blame humans for global warming, that is the question. Global warming is an increase in temperature world wide. Report has noted, 11 out of the last 12 years have ranked among the warmest on record. CNN has stated that temperature changes have been notice over the last 50 years, due to human activities. 90-99% of daily human activities cause global warming. With this factor scientists have predicted the temperature will increase 3.2 to 7.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes humans are to blame for global warming because of population growth, deforestation, and the use of non-environmentally safe products. This world wide issue must be addressed to everyone!

First, the increase in population has had a major affect on Global warming. With more population comes the use of more cars, boats, planes, etc. These powered vehicles cause more C02to enter the air. Everyone is acknowledging that we need to make a change in our way of living. More cars and more planes are pouring enormous amounts of C02 into the atmosphere. “Most global increases rare due to increases in carbon dioxide from fossil fuels,” says CNN. This is true; did you know that aviation causes 3.5% of global warming? This seems like a little amount but, if you think of all the times planes depart and land per day it really adds up. Then, when there is traffic people’s car engines could be burning fuel for at least over an hour. They can use up to600 million gallons of gas, while just sitting in traffic. This is very common in many cities, world wide. I found that the amount of fossil fuels that are burned during traffic translates to 7.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Vehicles with poor gas mileage contribute even more than regular cars do. Imagine all the transportation that occurs throughout the day keeps increasing as the population does. There will be so much carbon dioxide emissions that temperatures will increase by many degrees. We need to minimize our use of these items in order...
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